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About Us

Are you looking for a reliable pharmacy that can provide you with the highest level of care and customer service? We've got you covered! WelDone Pharmacy is dedicated to patients well-being and health. We are driven to provide customers with highest level of care and service. We have the most knowledgeable and experienced team dedicated to delivering up to date advice and services, ensuring that all receive a pleasant and comfortable pharmacy experience.

Our Philosophy

Our approach is centered on putting the needs of the patient first. We understand that the patients needs are often very different from that of the medical provider and pharmacist . We know that the managing chronic conditions can be extremely distressing for patients, and caregivers. That is why we take an inclusive approach which fully recognizes the needs of the patient as well as his or her wider family and caregiver.

Patient and Family-Centered Care

Our patient-centered care is demonstrated by our pharmacists who will attend to you with a tremendous amount of professional expertise. We are a dedicated team is that is subsequently here to help you, when appropriate, for ongoing treatment, and advice. Individual consultation room is available for those who would like to speak about there treatment in private, or as a group with the family and/or caregiver.

Quality and Safety

In addition to the relevant training and qualifications you would expect from the healthcare professionals we employ, a full quality care management system is run in the pharmacy. Constantly reviewing our procedures and practices helps to maintain the highest levels of healthcare throughout our entire operation.

Commitment to Care

As a pharmacy committed to patients’ health, we strive hard to meet and even exceed their expectations in each and every level. We are proud to offer complete range of services symbolizing our commitment and willingness to serve and prioritize the health of our patients. We are here to serve them so they can live longer, happier and healthier.

Our commitment to care and to the health of our patients is genuine and sincere and we value this commitment while serving them.

Our Professional Commitment

The main goal of our pharmacy is to achieve pleasant and positive outcomes from use of medications and services that improve quality of life at minimum risks. We are professionals and we are prepared and uniquely available to serve you and help assist you achieve your health goals. The health and well-being of our patients have been our top concern and everyone on our staff is committed to delivering services designed to benefit them and their health in particular. We are also dedicated to enhancing patients’ overall health through personalized care, attention and services that exactly meet their need.

What more to Expect from Us.

The overall health of all our valued patients matter to us and this is in fact our primary concern. We are here to provide services to patients and their respective families. We strive harder to provide expertise and excellence in all levels of pharmaceutical patient-care.

We also stay abreast of the evolving advances in the field of pharmacy and healthcare thereby providing the service patients deserve. Every staff member respects the wishes and needs of each patient and makes sure that all theses needs are completely met.

Our Staff

Alex A. McDonald III, PharmD.

Karl A. Richards Jr., PharmD.

Karl A. Richards Sr., RPh